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# Band Name Band City Band State Band Link
0 Terrapin Wilton CT
1 THe VilLAge iDIOts Birmingham AL
2 Top Dead Center Tucson AZ
3 Unlimited Devotion South Florida FL
4 Xtra Ticket Phoenix AZ
5 Cubensis Los Angeles CA
6 Dark Star Orchestra Chicago IL
7 The Noodles Tempe AZ
8 Sunshine Family Band Morgantown WV
9 Boney Fingers Milwaukee WI
10 On the Bus   DC
11 Slow Roller Olympia WA
12 Kuli Loach Seattle WA
13 The Kind Blacksburg VA
14 Forgotten Space Dallas TX
15 Loose Change Smithfield RI
16 Strawberry Jam Band Wilkes Barre PA
17 Zen Tricksters
18 Electric Waste Band San Diego CA
19 Travel Agents San Diego CA
20 Juba Juba Denver CO
21 Violin River Providence RI
22 Shakedown Street Denver CO
23 In the Dark Coventry CT
24 Legion of Jerry New Haven CT
25 Shakedown New haven CT
26 String Band Oxford CT
27 Crazy Fingers Fort Lauderdale FL
28 Uncle John's Band Tampa FL
29 Splintered Sunlight Philadelphia PA
30 Midnite Blue Broomhall PA!/pages/Midnite-Blue/108936259151638?v=wall
31 Dead Guise San Lorenzo CA
32 Good Lovin Jamband Reading PA
33 Midnight Rain Wayne NJ
34 Ramblin' Rose Portland OR
35 JiMiller Band Cleveland OH
36 Jerry's Little Band Cinncinati OH
37 Fairbanks 142 Cinncinati OH
38 Cosmic Charlie Athens GA
39 Better Off Dead Raleigh NC
40 Wigjam River Edge NJ
41 Sonic Garden Buffalo NY
42 Lost Sailors Ithaca NY
43 Reckoning Long Island NY
44 HalfStep Glen Falls NY
45 The Electrix Long Island NY
46 Deadbeats-NY New Paltz NY
47 Catfish John Mike Green Myrtle Beach SC
48 Toni Brown Band Orlando FL
49 Jam-Bone Bridgewater NJ
50 Dragons With Matches Piscataway NJ
51 Lichen Manchester NH
52 Fennario Worcester MA
53 Jack Straw Chicago IL
54 Jake's Leg St Louis MO
55 Mr. Blotto Chicago IL
56 The Schwag Salem MO
57 Melvin Seals and JGB San Francisco CA
58 High Street Band South Bend IN
59 Born Cross Eyed-KY Lexington KY
60 Rock Creek Band   DC
61 Big Rhythm Wine Cape Cod MA
62 Eddy's Shoe Warwick RI!/pages/Eddys-Shoe/77912123198
63 Playin' Dead Boston MA
64 Ol' Brown Shoe Salem MA
65 Kind Buds   VT
66 Deep Space Six Ann Arbor MI
67 Jones Gang Minneapolis MN
68 Lost Marbles Minneapolis MN
69 The Maykers SoCal CA
70 Louisville Merry Pranksters Louisville KY
71 Paradise Waits Chicago IL
72 Shakadown Street Honolulu HI
73 August West Concord NH
74 Blue Light Rain Concord NH
75 Dedicated Maniacs San Francisco CA
76 The Thugz Jenner CA
77 Miracle Show Arcata CA
78 Mark Paradis Band Hartford CT
79 Montana Wildaxe Smryna DE
80 Glass Camels Jacksonville Beach FL
81 Terrapin Flyer Berwyn IL
82 Scarlet Mountain Hoffman Estates IL
83 Perfunctory This Band Springfield IL
84 Grateful Groove Fort Wayne IN
85 Lobsterz from Marz Ludlow MA
86 Growlers Helena MT
87 Spider Daniels Band Belford NJ
88 Phuncle Sam Asheville NC
89 They're Only Mostly Dead Wilmington NC
90 Garcia Birthday Band Portland OR
91 theCAUSE Pittsburgh PA
92 AceZ Back 2 Back Delco PA
93 Steal Your Face Philadelphia PA
94 King Solomon's Marbles Richmond VA
95 Blues for Breakfast Burlington VT
96 Bowser Elkhart Lake WI
97 Bar Tab Band Green Bay WI
98 China Cats Santa Cruz CA
99 Pangea Acoustic Reading PA
100 Half Step LI Long Island NY
101 Reflections North Jersey NJ
102 Jack Straw -SD Chamberlain SD!/pages/Jack-Straw/116440351701592?v=wall&ref=search
103 Cats Under The Stars Portland OR
104 The Garcia Project Glens Falls, Saratoga, Albany NY
105 Terrapin Moon Dayton OH
106 Jerry Pranksters Lincoln NE
107 Dead Again Detroit MI
108 Dark Hollow Syracuse NY
109 Anthem of the Sun Louisville KY
110 David Gans Oakland CA
111 A Band Beyond Description Portland ME
112 DeadPhish Orchestra Boulder CO
113 Small Craft Warning New York NY
114 Cryptical San Francisco CA
115 Gypsy Dawg Baltimore MD!/pages/Gypsy-Dawg/61419094186?v=wall
116 Casual Dogs Reno NV
117 Fungus Pittsburgh PA
118 Mighty High Denver CO
119 Major Domo Band Minneapolis MN
120 So Many Rhodes North Smithfield RI
121 Garcia Grass Central PA!/pages/Garcia-Grass/339730981778
122 Jam Stampede New York NY
123 Tiberius Long Beach NY
124 Dead Ahead Ohio Lakewood OH
125 The Road Washington DC
126 Crazy oTTo   CO
127 Brown Bag Special Jacksonville FL
128 Workingman's Grass Tempe AZ
129 Stella Blues Band Port Chester NY
130 Cap'n Trips Eugene OR!/pages/Capn-Trips/103944186309707?v=wall
131 Dead Floyd Fort Collins CO
132 The Druids Rochester NY
133 Play Dead   VT
134 Grateful Dread Oak Bluffs MA
135 Terrapin Island Battleboro VT
136 Workingman's Dead Buffalo NY
137 Nailed Shutt Orange County NY
138 Don't Let Go Boston MA
139 Blackhand Gettysburg PA
140 InDEADnation Towson MD!/pages/InDEADnation/123233497731524?v=wall
141 Dave Jacobson Band Reisterstown MD!/pages/DJB/127648923921848
142 Stu Allen San Francisco CA
143 Grateful Friends Boston MA
144 FT Blindman   MD
145 Scarlet Fire   CT
146 The Rum Runners Los Angeles CA
147 AnotherDead CoverBand Carbondale IL
148 The Deadlocks Jackson WY
149 Stealin the Farm LaPorte IN
150 gr8FLdude & frenz Atlanta GA
151 Black Muddy River Band Bethesda MD
152 Hooligans Bozeman MT!/pages/Hooligans/321635262427
153 Diamond Eyed Jacks   RI
154 Uncle Shoehorn Warwick NY
155 Normal Bean Eugene OR
156 Hyryder Indianapolis IN
157 Dead on the Tracks Warwick NY
158 Caution Chicago IL!/pages/CAUTION/139655690776?v=wall
159 Ronnie Penque Band Barnegat NJ
160 Terrapin Junction Cary NC
161 Workingman's Deed Scotland WD
162 Dead Ringers Eugene OR
163 Sardine Head Japan WD
164 Cosmic Finger Germany WD
165 Caution Jam Canada WD
166 Honey Henny Lime Sunny Isles FL
167 The Reckoning Mt. Pleasant SC
168 Sam Pointer Birmingham AL
169 Charlie Fog Savannah GA
170 Bigfoot County Portland OR
171 Old Shoe Band Chicago IL
172 Only Footprints Flemington NJ
173 Cats Under the Stars Burlington VT
174 High Peaks Band Saratoga Springs NY
175 Wafer Salt Lake City UT!
176 Not Quite Dead Minneapolis MN
177 Into the Blue Cleveland OH
178 Rosegarland Ontario, Canada WD
179 Jed Luckless NYC NY
180 Days Between Bay Area CA
181 The Knot Boston MA
182 The Eleven San Francisco CA
183 Bigfoot County Lynchburg VA
184 Willie Jack and the Northern Light Sunbury PA
185 Electric Okie Test Oklahoma City OK
186 Wharf Rats Clarksville MD
187 Winterland Anchorage AK
188 Crazy Finger Scottsdale AZ
189 Dead Blues Society Jamestown RI
190 The Mayflies Iowa City IA
191 Otis Lotus Jackson MS
192 Hillside Jive Jersey Shore NJ
193 Back Home Hazelton PA
194 Shotgun Ragtime Band Minneapolis MN
195 Dead Bank Red Bank NJ
196 Sisters and Brothers Chicago IL
197 Brothers Donovan Scotland CT
198 Beggars Tomb Falls Church VA
199 New Potato Caboose   DC
200 Maui Pranksters Kula HI
201 Live Dead (MA) North Shore MA
202 Star '69 NYC NY
203 The Electricians   FL
204 DeadEye Austin TX
205 DeBonis Allen Duo Baltimore MD
206 Northwest Corner Chicago IL
207 Bigfoot County Stamford CT
208 DeadBeat Boston MA
209 Fun Guise Joliet IL
210 Cosmic Charlies England WD
211 Dead Ahead (NY) Long Island NY
212 Roy Jay Band   FL
213 Andy Belt & Friends Towson MD
214 Alton & Friends Columbus OH
215 Wood Groove Chicago IL
216 New Speedway Boogie Denver CO
217 Ten Gold Dollars Stoneham MA
218 Tiger Rose Nassau County NY
219 LoveLight Tuckerton NJ
220 Blue Roadhouse Orchestra NYC NY
221 Desert Rain Trio Danielson CT
222 Stealing Liberty Washington DC
223 Dead On   NJ
224 Friends of the Phamily Rogers AR!/pages/Friends-of-the-phamily/225845184121693
225 Rose Wharf Band Taunton MA
226 Dead to the Core Los Angeles CA
227 Mystery Train Dallas TX
228 Mars Hotel Toronto, ON WD
229 Dead Sessions Burlington VT
230 Touch Little Rock AR
231 Cryptical Development Van Nuys CA
232 MysteryTrain (PA) Central PA
233 Dead Dogs Long Island NY
234 Very Garcia Band Lexington KY
235 Pearly Baker Band New Bedford MA
236 The Reckoning   PA
237 Ouija Brothers Jacksonville FL
238 Not the Dead Charleston SC
239 Mountains of the Moon New Haven CT
240 The Window Panes Winchester VA
241 Gratest Story Ever Told Davenport IA
242 Corkscrew   CT
243 Ultra Sound Jams MIlwaukee WI
244 Stagger Lee Lindenhurst NY
245 Jellyband East Setauket NY
246 The Reckoning Hagerstown MD
247 Long Strange Trip Band West Pittston PA
248 Electric Jug Band Kalamazoo MI
249 Mike Maytin & Friends Fort Lauderdale FL
250 Dupree's Diamonds South Shore MA
251 The Remnants   CT
252 The Grateful   NY
253 Jugtown Pirates San Francisco CA
254 Grateful String Band Chicago IL
255 Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue Rocky Mountains CO
256 Northbound Train Waltham MA
257 Knot Dead Troy NY
258 Iko Allstars New Orleans LA
259 Milli Fungus Greenville SC
260 The Possums Wilmington NC
261 Completely Dead Chicago IL
262 WharfRat Douglasville GA
263 Sacred Groove Shepherdstown WV
264 Grant's Tomb NYC NY
265 Tokyo Warlocks Tokyo, Japan WD
266 Keystone Revisited   CA
267 Run for the Roses Mass   MA
268 Rainbow Full Of Sound Point Pleasant NJ
269 Ship of Fools Sarasota FL
270 Arrows of Neon Dayton OH
271 Fire Wheel Rochester NY
272 Village Idiots Scranton PA
273 Reflections FL Boca Raton FL
274 Webster Atlanta GA
275 Whiskey Junction Westfield MA
276 JpJammin NYC NY
277 Grateful Rhythm Band Lake Geneva WI
278 Into the Now Rochester NY
279 Tennessee Jedi Sellersville PA
280 Mokie Salt Lake City UT
281 Pure Jerry Philadelphia PA
282 The Terrapins England WD
283 Dose Chicago IL
284 Stretch Long Island NY
285 Drivin That Train   CT No website
286 North Bound Train Sacramento CA
287 Grateful Heads NYC NY
288 Northbound Rain Portland OR
289 The Phakers Oneonta NY
290 Rob Glassman Band Branford CT
291 Moondawgs Long Island NY
292 Dead Set Burlington VT
293 Last Fair Deal Virginia Beach VA
294 High-Low Jack Sacramento CA
295 Dead Undercover   NH
296 The Golden Road Anapolis MD
297 Alligator Wine Lowell MA
298 Terrapin Station Big Island HI
299 Box of Rain Worcester MA
300 American Reality Nashville TN
301 Folks Up In Treetops Burlington VT
302 Keystones NYC NY
303 Take a Step Back   CT
304 Gratefully Yours   NY
305 Mike Lawson & Friends   TN
306 Reckoning DeadGrass Chico CA
307 Better Off Dead - MD Baltimore MD
308 Dead Show   CT
309 Hooteroll Nashville TN
310 Let It Grow Albuquerque NM
311 In La Kesh Chicago IL
312 Deadhead Download   VT
313 Wake of the Dead Chico CA
314 Wake the Dead Albany CA
315 Rusty String Band Long Island NY
316 Grateful Gary Chicago IL
317 Wildflower Seed Fife, Scotland WD
318 4i Band Binghampton NY
319 Dead Ahead New York Troy NY
320 Finders Keepers Westchester NY
321 Aardvark Bay Area CA
322 Zydeco Jed DC Metro MD
323 JGBCB Athens GA
324 Winterland Iowa City IA
325 Box of Rain Philadelphia PA
326 Shakedown Street Liverpool United Kingdom WD
327 Cowboys Dead Fort Collins CO
328 600 Pounds of Sin Albuquerque NM
329 Almost Dead Acoustic Perrysburg OH
330 Sugar Magnolia Cleveland OH
331 A Fine Connection Leominster MA
332 Bear Bones Project Albany NY
333 The Stolen Faces Nashville TN
334 Just a Little Light Fredericton New Brunswick WD
335 DeadSet Colorado Boulder CO
336 Bears Choice Bucks County PA
337 Better Weather Baltimore MD
338 Mark T Band Toronto WD
339 Acoustically Speaking Saratoga Springs NY
340 Jackstrawband Chicago
341 Not Fade Away Band   NH
342 The Quarterly Fargo ND
343 Joe Russo's Almost Dead   NY
344 Liquid Reflections Ashland OR
345 Sunshine Daydream Nashua NH
346 Comic Book Colors Washington DC
347 Dead Reckoning Somers Point NJ
348 Dead Collective Northampton MA
349 Gratefolk Philadelphia PA
350 The Mars Light Chicago IL
351 Great Notion Holland MI
352 Greatest Story Santa Barbara CA
353 Blue Lotus Live Eugene OR
354 Lost Highway Ramblers White Plains NY
355 Nightcasters Fort Lauderdale FL
356 PlayDead Lawrence KS
357 Grass Is Dead South Florida FL
358 Rosewood Ramblers Chicago IL
359 Big Sky Colorado Springs CO
360 Totally Dead San Francisco CA
361 No Simple Highway Santa Barbara CA
362 Uncle John's Banjo Boston MA
363 Lazy Lightning Cranford NJ
364 Mark Diomede and Friends Point Pleasant NJ
365 Switchman Sleepin' Fort Collins CO
366 Tumble Down Shack Washington DC
367 Token Rhyme Reseda CA
368 Brokedown Palace Charlotte NC
369 Garcia Later Chicago IL
370 Hardly Deadly Stockton CA
371 Minglewood Vero Beach FL
372 Dead Alliance Buffalo Buffalo NY
373 Big Railroad New York NY
374 The Fog Burlington VT
375 Flagship of Fools Flagstaff AZ
376 Dead Mondays Crepaja Serbia WD
377 Stewbone Baltimore MD
378 Shining Star Band Syracuse NY
379 David Bryan and Friends NYC NY
380 Rising Tide Patchogue NY
381 Saints of Circumstance Northern Cali CA
382 Dead Walking Yerevan, Armenia WD
383 AoxoToxoA Lucerne Switzerland WD
384 Funkin Grateful Boca Raton FL
385 Touch of Grey Menham NJ
386 Grateful Dan   VT
387 Estimated Prophet Los Angeles CA
388 Help On The Way Port Washington NY
389 Bobby's Shorts Nashville TN
390 Odd Thongz Mornington Peninsula, Australia WD
391 West Texas Cowboys Silver Spring MD
392 Stone Jack Ballers Milton DE
393 T.U.B The UnKnamed Band Birmingham AL
394 Terrapin Orchestra   ME
395 Bardo Thodol Prague, Czech Republic WD
396 Walking Dead Philadelphia PA
397 Suggesting Rhythm Richmond VA
398 The Living Dead Norman OK
399 Hallelujah Hat Rack New Orleans LA
400 Grateful Dans Buffalo NY
401 Chill Sesh and Friends Boston MA
402 Long Strange Night Central/Southwest VA
403 Dead Space   NJ
404 Forever Grateful NYC NY
405 Ice Petal Flowers NYC NY
406 Gypsy Wagon Scranton PA
407 Catfish John Revival Band Las Vegas NV
408 Winter House Band Hanover PA
409 Great Northern String Band Dayton OH
410 Bearly Dead Boston MA
411 The Wheel Albany NY
412 Blind and Dirty Williamsburg VA
413 710 Band St Louis MO
414 Mystical Misfits Boston MA
415 Montgomery Warlocks Montgomery County MD
416 Ten Mile Ride NYC NY
417 August West Band Brooklyn NY
418 The Elevators Modiin Israel WD
419 Dead Giveaway Richmond VA
420 Dead Affect Atlanta GA
421 Deadgrass New York NY
422 Betty and the Boards NYC NY
423 Cheeseburger Boys Norcal CA
424 Our Lightning Too   VT
425 Grateful Dudes Leicester, UK WD
426 Ton of Hay Asheville NC
427 Midnight Sun   NJ
428 Inside Straight South Florida FL
429 This Old Engine   NJ
430 Planet Jr Corning NY
431 A Bear's Choice   CO
432 China Rider Saint Cloud MN
433 Built to Last Littleton CO
434 Icicle Tricycle Las Vegas NV
435 Music Never Stopped   CT
436 Supplication Sacramento CA
437 After Dark Long Island NY
438 Ship of the Sun Boston MA
439 Easy Wind CA San Diego CA
440 Graciously Departed   IN
441 Captain Trips and the Sunstroke Serenaders Atlanta GA
442 Rusted Strings Band Chicago IL
443 The Dog Star NYC NY
444 Cosmic Jerry Band   NJ
445 Andy Coe Band Seattle WA
446 TaperJones Pinellas Park FL
447 Gratefully Acoustic Westminster CO
448 Dancing Bear Jacksonville FL
449 John Kadlecik   VA
450 Boondoggle Reno NV
451 Deadicated Detroit MI
452 Laughing Willow   MO
453 Stoneclad Angelica NY
454 In Good Company Hudson Valley NY
455 Uptown Toodeloo String Band Denver CO
456 Peak2Peak Boulder CO
457 Dead Again CA Sonoma CA
458 Half Past Dead Lebanon PA
459 Buffalo Dead All Stars Buffalo NY
460 Sunshine Daydream Springfield IL
461 Dead Ridge Boys Brooklyn NY
462 Alabama Getaway Birmingham AL
463 Zendog Delaware County PA
464 Furthur Blues Chicago IL
465 Settle Down Easy Worcester MA
466 Skeleton Crew Laguna Beach CA
467 Scott Guberman Bay Area CA
468 Jerry Pranksters NC Asheville NC
469 Ace - A Bob Weir Tribute Band Stamford CT
470 Left Unsung Memphis TN
471 August First Hudson MA
472 East LA Fadeaway Fairhope AL
473 Roving Sun Santa Cruz CA
474 Dean and Company Philadelphia PA
475 Raising The Dead South East MI
476 Tie Dye Blues Band Greenbrae CA
477 Trouble Ahead Evanston IL
478 Dead Meat Nyack NY
479 Uncle Juan's Band Philadelphia PA
480 Loose With The Truth Bay Area CA
481 Matt Helm Experience   CT
482 Dead Centric Cincinnati OH
483 Deal Allentown PA
484 Ripple Old Tappan NJ
485 Woke Up Dead Tucson AZ
486 The Harvest Flagstaff AZ
487 China Cat Riders Kingston, Ontario WD
488 Wavy Train Charlotte NC
489 Legion of Mario Tucson AZ
490 Dead Set Florida Tampa Bay FL
491 Gettin' Weir'd Richmond VA
492 Dirty Dead Asheville NC
493 Grateful Impressions of Jerry Garcia Des Arc AR
494 Skull and Roses Boston MA
495 Engine Ninety Nine Kalispell MT
496 Lackin' Some Direction Madison WI
497 Crazy in the Sunlight Monmouth County NJ
498 Heaven Help the Fool   MA
499 GD-BC British Columbia WD
500 Fred Scholl & Friends Northern NJ/NYC NJ
501 Dead Dawgs   CT
502 Tom Marcellis Band Southwest FL
503 Scarlet Begonias Buffalo NY
504 Roc & Rye Band Rochester NY
505 American Beauty Staten Island NY
506 Spiral Light Delray Beach FL
507 Dragons with Matches Stockton CA
508 High Time Brooklyn NY
509 From the Vault Northern Shenandoah Valley VA
510 Blackout Shakedown San Francisco CA
511 Lightning Dan and the Crawdads   CA
512 Gerry Jarcia String Band Johnson City NY
513 Keats & Co   RI
514 Stronger Than Dirt   PA
515 Coctail Frank & the Weeniez Oconomowoc WI
516 Soul Roach Buffalo NY
517 Dead Set Fun Nuggets Northern Rivers NSW WD
518 Scarlet Rose Irving TX
519 Left Hand Monkey Wrench Denver CO
520 Diamond Eye Jack Somerville NJ
521 The Pranksters   UT
522 Jerry Tripsters   MD
523 Born Cross-Eyed Washington DC DC
524 Cream Puff Warriors Chicago IL
525 Shred Is Dead West LA CA
526 Deadline Boston MA
527 The Grateful Brothers Greenville SC
528 Grateful Jed Norfolk VA
529 Great Northern-Out of DC Washington DC
530 Grateful Shred Los Angeles CA
531 Exit 43 Fairfield County CT
532 Pearly Baker's Best Syracuse NY
533 Laughin' Bones Stamford CT
534 Winterland NH Peterborough / Keene NH
535 710 Ashbury Helena MT
536 Mojo Hand   NJ
537 Lovin' Dead Sonoma County CA
538 Bear Tread   CO
539 The Mighty River Band Hummelstown PA
540 Scarlet Begoniaz   MD
541 Starcat Indianapolis IN
542 The Deadheads   MA
543 Englishtown Project Englishtown NJ
544 Dark Star Project Burlington VT
545 Chinacat Jubilee   NJ
546 Whose Cat Is Dead Toronto ON WD
547 Stone Dead Newmarket NH
548 Ventura County Dead Collective Ventura County CA
549 The Deadbeats Nevada City CA
550 Crick Wooder Longmont CO
551 Strangers Stopping Strangers Hoboken NJ
552 Friends Play Dead White River Junction VT
553 Seaside Zoo Madison WI
554 Painted Mandolin Santa Cruz CA
555 Deady Bears Mt. Shasta City CA
556 Jerry's Middle Finger Los Angeles CA
557 Minglewood TX Austin TX
558 Typical Daydream London UK WD
559 Foolish Heart Band Newark DE
560 Foolish Hearts Band Portland OR
561 The Lost Boys Rockland County NY
562 High Tied Sideshow Harrisburg-Lancaster PA
563 Dead to Rights Valparaiso IN
564 Casey's Bones   NJ
565 Blue Light Cheap Hotel Larkspur CA
566 Touch of Grey Midwest Omaha/ Council Bluffs NE
567 After Midnight New York NY